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New “BankTheFood” App could be a massive help to Foodbanks and their supporters!

30th March 2022

Sometimes a Foodbank can find itself swamped with some items but lacking in others essential to providing a balanced diet for a family. Hopefully that is all about to change! BanktheFood is an innovative free app that has been designed to  help Foodbanks get what they need when they need it. It links Foodbanks to donors at the most crucial time, when they are in the supermarket!

You can download the app from your App Store or go to: https://www.bankthefood.org/

Once you have followed Cheadle and District Foodbank the app will show you what we urgently need at that time and you can even set it to send you a helpful ‘ping’ reminder when you are in your local supermarket! Then you choose what you would like to buy and leave the donation in the Foodbank trolley at the end of your shop or alternatively pop it in to us when we are open, confident in the knowledge that you have given exactly what we need. Genius!!

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